Parcel delivery Services

We deliver parcels on behalf of our clients within the city range and suburbs of Kolkata. We have very attractive pricing and highly efficient service. We use latest digital technology which helps us bring the cost down and makes the delivery faster by using the automatic routing logic. By leveraging the digital marketing tools,we try to reach as many customers as possible to achieve desired level of economy of scale which brings the overall operating cost per parcel down. We have a fare & transparent pricing policy. The price is dependent on the weight or volume and distance. The minimum price for a parcel is Rs 100/-. We use high end technology to manage the orders like tagging, live tracking, smart reporting, confirmation of delivery like signature capture of the customer etc. We are prompt in response and can deliver the material in just a few hours. It is our customer’s responsibility to handover the parcel to us with the correct packing and with shipment label. Either, they have to deposit the parcel to the designated drop point or in some cases we can pick the parcels from their locations.

Full Vehicle Booking

We provide a complete vehicle too for those customers who have a number of parcels to be delivered to one or more customers in one day. We have a very good pricing, especially if a customer has a longer distance to cover or has multiple stops en route. We charge at the rate of Rs 50/- per km or Rs 400/-per hour or Rs 1000/-, whichever is higher. Our customers can bank upon us for the correct delivery and for the documents they send with the goods. After handing over the material and documents, We will bring back those documents which are required by the supplier and hand them over to them within 48 hours. we can provide the live status through our website, app and through SMS to the concerned parties. We have automatic invoicing facility. Cutomer can check the record and can have the access to the old bookings. Order can be booked either by phone or through our app or website. Customer has to arrange for loading and unloading personnel, if required. We can arrange the labor on request for loading and/or unloading but at a separate charge.